Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions are notified which should be followed scrupulously:-
1.The membership fee for registration within India for Indian National is Rs.500/- per year and Rs.1,000/- for N.R.I. per year.
2.The registered profile will be kept on the website for one year from the date of Payment Approval. After that, duration the profile is supposed to be renewed.
3.The registered profile which has not been renewed on time, cannot make use of it.
4.The organization has right to make Changes in registration Fee or registration type without prior intimation.
5.Registered profile will be first verified by our office then only it will be activated within 24 hours. For Paid members contact details will be activated after 24 hours of Payment Approval.
6.It is clarified that information written in the profile are filled in and last-updated by candidate. VUF is not responsible for any veracity of information contained in the forms.
7.Membership fee is non-refundable
8.It is necessary to give registration number for any communication or transaction.
9.You will not use the website to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation for goods or website.
10.We cannot assume any responsibilities for the content of messages sent by other users of the website.
11.You acknowledge that you cannot sue Marriage Bureau of the Foundation or any of its employees for any damage done to you through the site.
12.We cannot guarantee, and assume no responsibilities for verifying the accuracy of the information provided by other users of the website. You may not use the website for any unlawful purpose.
13.This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2008 and rules there under pertaining to electronic records as applicable and amended and hence does not require any physical or digital signature.
14.The website is intended only to serve as a preliminary medium of Contact and information for its Registered Users/Guests who have a bona fide intention to enter into it. The website may not be used for the purpose of Dating or a Friendship contact or live in relationship or monitor the first or subsequent contacts, information and/or interactions which may take place amongst/in between the Registered Users due to any information specification in the website.
15.All the above rules, terms & conditions shall be applicable to the users of the website post admission of membership.

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